Technical Issues

Typical Issues we fix

Floor waste pipe.png

Floor Waste

Floor waste has some additional requirements stipulated on AS4072.1-2005, section 4.6.2
We have reference test reports for a detailed summary for tested construction and significant behavior.

Gib Patch.png

Gib patch

When there is an oversized hole we have tested solutions to reduce the hole size, commonly referred to as a Gib Patch. The hole will be reduced to an acceptable size and the collar will be applied to the Gib.

Fire Rated Box.png

fire rated box

Lack of clearance or no access to install a system. (i.e. pipe penetrating ceiling but it’s too close to the wall and there is no space for installing a collar).  We can encase the penetrating element in a fire rated box.

Gib with steel frame.png

Cladding with gib

When we have an unprotected beam working as a separation element (fire wall) and a penetration through it, It’s possible to build a plasterboard box around the penetration and treat the penetration as plasterboard wall. We refer to AS 1530-4/2005 results obtained from tests on penetrations.