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Our Company has secured the right people for the right jobs, we have staff with experience in our industry that go back to 1994.


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Bakker PFI Limited

Our Company has secured the right people for the right jobs, we have staff with experience in our industry that go back to 1994, when our Technical Manager started a small company aptly named Special Services.

This company set out to specialize in finding ways to do the things others could not, ether by lack of knowledge or skill and eventually “Special Services” became a specialist coatings applicator.
This then led to one of the vital parts of Passive Fire Protection “Structural Stability”. In 2000 we became the first approved applicator for Pyrosafe intumescent coating.

Later that same year we made a huge technology and equipment investment, to enable us to be trained and certified as Mandoval Vermiculite applicators.



Years of 
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Our team have worked on many projects, structures and landmarks. We can provide and install a range of cost effective solutions ranging from collars to sealants, fire curtains to cavity firestops, that all meet AS 1530.4 and are installed to AS4072.1. Our experienced staff can advise you on the best solutions to meet your Fire Resistance Rating (FRR).



3rd party construction monitoring

Design audits

Installation of PFP


Passive Fire Protection

The integrity of any passive fire protection system is determined by two key areas: Fire-stopping – also known as compartmentation


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Stage Mist

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive fire protection refers to the use of construction elements within a building that are designed to prevent or delay the spread of fire and/or smoke to different parts of the building. Passive fire protection is one of the methods used to protect buildings and people from fire. Other methods that may also be used include active fire protection such as fire sprinklers and alarms. This is supported by good fire safety management to ensure that fire protection is available at all times, facilitating escape in the event of fire and preventing damage to adjacent buildings.


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