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Bakker PFI Limited

Our roots go back to 1994, when our co-founding Technical Manager started a small company aptly named Special Services. 

This company set out to specialise in finding ways to do the things others could not, ether by lack of knowledge or skill and eventually “Special Services” became a specialist coatings applicator.

This then led to one of the vital parts of Passive Fire Protection “Structural Stability”. In 2000 we became the first approved applicator for Pyrosafe intumescent coating.

Later that same year we made a huge technology and equipment investment, to enable us to be trained and certified as Mandoval Vermiculite applicators.

In 2006, our company was then bought out by a large Active Fire Protection company, which started our next level of Passive Fire Protection which is fire stopping.  We went for training in Ireland, South Africa, Germany, China, the U.K and recently New Zealand.  In 2016 we separated from the combined Active and Passive fire Protection platform returning us back to our roots as dedicated specialists. 

Since then we educated ourselves with the forever changing, improving compliance standards and enforcement practices. 

We now have acquired state of the art IT systems to assist with providing Quality Assurance and accurate project information.  This now forms the backbone of our business, and we pride ourselves in being able to give our customers exactly what they need. This then confirms the work completed and produces a full report to our customer so they can see and identify exactly what has been done and charges associated for installation.

Bakker PFI Limited is therefore the result of many years of experience in the industry.  It’s a been there, done that, got the t-shirt and now we can help companies to NOT make the same old mistakes. We are moving forward in this industry and staying innovative.