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Bakker PFI

Passive Fire Installation Since 2019

Rodney | Hibiscus Coast | North Shore | Auckland City | Waitakere | South Auckland

Building WOF and Building Code PS3 Sign Off Made Easy

All you want is your fire register completed and ready to roll for the inspection.

You want to know your building is safe for its residents and staff. 

When it is, you can be confident your Building WOF and Building Code PS3 will be successful. 

Leaving you free to move on to the next job on your list, and get your project one step closer to the finish.

Stopping Fire From Getting Through

At Bakker PFI, we focus on passive fire installation and specialise in fire protection following retrofitting old buildings that failed to meet compliance.

Making A Difference, One Build At A Time


We know projects don't always run to plan. Our team has the flexibility to work with your project timelines.


We find the best tools to complete your project, instead of using only one brand or manufacturer. 


With over 25 years of combined experience in the passive fire industry, we take pride in making sure each project is completed to the highest standards. 

Ben Bakker

Managing Director, Bakker PFI

Hi, I'm Ben. 

When you call for a quote, I'm the one who'll come out to your site and help you check off your list of passive fire tasks to do. 

  • NZ Certificate in Passive Fire Protection Installation Level 3

  • FPA New Zealand Bronze Member

  • Site Safe

What we do can and does save lives

I have always been fascinated with fire and the way it moves, it’s not as unpredictable as people think and can be manipulated to follow a direct path. I think this is what lead me into this industry.

I was involved in the Passive Industry before I started Bakker PFI Ltd. It soon became apparent there was a need for more smaller Passive Companies to keep up with the demand in the industry.

Small passive fire installation companies are able to move faster, adjust quicker to change and hold more accountable for progress and workmanship from each employee.

Developing a good working relationship with our clients and having open direct lines of communication are the foundation of our business.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the products we used being tested and seeing the necessity for Passive Fire Installation in the construction industry.